30 Sep 2013


....Sorry to shout, but we are SO EXCITED to share our first video with you! 

We decided to do a little introduction so that you can get to know us a little bit better. We gave 5 facts about each other which we hope you found interesting. We've posted the video below for your viewing pleasure! 

Please let us know what you think, like, comment and subscribe to our channel to see more of what we're up to! We've got a sneak peek at what is lurking in our handbags coming up later this week, so keep your eyes peeled for that one!

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29 Sep 2013

Who Is Mystic Mel?

.....All will become clear in our first video! 

This however, is going to be a very short blog.....We have had an extremely exciting but busy few days here at Twice Upon A Blonde, but we certainly haven't forgotten about you in the mayhem! 

We had our charity quiz night for GOSH on Friday evening which went extremely well! (We will tell you more about that and put up pictures in another blog post).

Yesterday was VERY exciting for us as we began work on our first YouTube video! Considering that this was our first attempt at doing this together, we are thrilled with how it went and can't wait to finish editing so you lovelies can all see it!

Our first video is a little introduction to us but with a slight twist! If you want to get to know us a little better, why not watch, comment, like and subscribe? We would love to get to know you better too and have you along on our journey! Fingers crossed you like what you see!

             'Who is mystic Mel?' 

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26 Sep 2013

Charity Begins At Home But Should Not End There......

Something that Orla and I love doing is organising parties and events. We love every aspect of it from start to finish, but generally enjoy the decorating part the most! We’ll start with an idea, which will usually grow and grow until it’s pretty much the most expensive unachievable idea in the entire world! You think that London 2012 Olympics was impressive? Sit in on one of our brainstorms and it will look like a local playground compared! Once we have the basic theme and huge idea, we then scale it down until it becomes a reality. This is why we’ve often been described as ‘blue sky thinkers’. (We’ve also been told that we are exhausting to listen to, but that’s another story). In a nut shell - anything is possible…..just maybe not on the same scale that you initially hoped for!

Tomorrow evening we will be hosting at a charity event for Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. My sister wanted to hold a quiz night to fundraise after a family friend passed away whilst under GOSH’s care. The hospital were fantastic and worked endlessly to ensure that the best care was given at all times. We were asked to help decorate and source raffle prizes for the event, which we have been doing over the last 2 months.

So! Time has absolutely flown and tomorrow is the big day! We have had raffle prizes donated from left right and centre and have great things up for grabs! We’re hoping to raise £500, and whatever we raise is also going to be doubled by Disney! As I’m sure you can imagine, we are working tirelessly now to ensure that everything comes together and goes without a hitch! There have been all hands on deck with people doing bunting making to decorate the hall, multiple meetings to arrange room layout, attire, and absolutely everything you could possibly imagine!

Getting raffle prizes together has been a challenging job to say the least. We’ve spent many weekends, evenings and lunchtimes going to local businesses to ask for support and help and sent more emails to companies than I care to count! It felt a little like a scene from a film with a montage of doors being closed in our faces at one point. One local retailer (who will remain nameless) even shouted at us when we went in to tell them about the event. Charming! 

Last night, Orla and I took a late night trip to Kingston to collect one of the final raffle prizes from the Rose Theatre! It was an hour and a half round trip and it’s fair to say that we were exhausted after an already busy day of work and filming some of our very first YouTube video! (More about that in the next few days)!!  

Enjoying a hard earned diet coke in the car en route home from Kingston!

All of the hard work seems to be paying off now though as we have over £900 worth of prizes to raffle and over 100 people due to join us on the night! We’ll be sure to take pictures and update you on how much we raised and how the event goes!

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24 Sep 2013

"You've Got A Friend In Me..."

So, you may have guessed from the title of this Blog, that is has something to do with Disney!

You won't know yet, but Christine and I are extreme Disney fiends! Not the kind that JUST collect Eeyore's...not that kind. But the kind that love the all-round Disney buzz that you get. We've both worked for Disney at some point, Christine still does, I personally miss working for Disney, there's nothing better that making a kid happy by FINALLY finding that particular 'rare' Cars car that's taken you to the extreme of practically rearranging the stock room to get.! or FINALLY finding the size 2 slipper set that goes with the Cinderella outfit! Its always worth it in the end!
         Anyway, the point of this particular blog is, to ANNOUNCE! That Christine, Fiona (Orla's/My sister) and Myself.....


 and you want to know the BEST part is?! Your coming with us!

We will be keeping you up to date, on Twitter and Instagram of all the awesome things we'll be getting up to, and I'm sure a bit of Vlogging and maybe a Blog might be on the cards while we’re there! 

Were going to do a Blog at the end of our travels telling all the best parts, the parts you should DEFO go and see if you visit there, and generally do a bit of a visitor review! Obviously....It may be a bit biased...however can you blame us!!!

Christine and I have been wanting to go on a holiday together since we were young! So IT’S FINALLY HERE! Even though its only for 3 days, it’s going to be well worth the wait! There couldn't be any two better people to go to Disneyland with...well...maybe apart from Peter Pan (he's my FAVE!) 

We're so excited that we can share it with you all! So keep your eyes peeled! and get ready for a DISNEY EXPLOSION! 

Bye Bye Now!
Thanks for reading!!!

Bye Bye Now!
Thanks for reading!!!


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A Friend In "Fashion" Need, Is A Friend Indeed......

....I'm pretty sure that's how the famous saying goes! 

One of the best things about having a best friend who is roughly the same size as you is that you basically double your wardrobe! Whenever we’re going out we tend to delve into each others clothes and shoe collections to jazz up an outfit or go for something that is completely new to us! It’s especially handy when you have a special occasion to dress for but nothing in your wardrobe that works! Well, part of that statement is true…..it’s possible that I just fancied wearing something I hadn't worn before!!

Last week I went to a charity ball in aid of Breast Cancer Research. It was a great night, but I was really worried about what I would wear. I have loads of posh dresses in the wardrobe but none of them quite fitted the bill for this particular night. Being me, I only realised the night before and with me working all day on the day of the event, I was totally out of time. With a few cocktails in my system, I hot footed it out of the bar and in to Orla’s car. It was one of those phone calls that reminds me of the quote;

What's the plan? Are you planning a murder? A nuclear attack? Whatever it is I'm on board, I'm sure you have a good reason. 

I'm pretty certain that she was in the car before I'd even explained why! Also note how good she is to me.....didn’t even make me get the bus! 

 The many thoughtful faces of Orla – debating over which dress would be best!

When we got to her house, she had spread all of her posh dresses out on the bed ready for me to try on. I’d like to mention at this point that Orla received the phone call from me at around about 9.30pm. By 10pm I was three dresses in and causing slight havoc in her previously sleepy/quiet little house! (Which reminds me, I should probably send a bottle of wine to her parents)!  Despite being a little worse for wear, I managed to find the perfect dress for the event and had a brilliant night!
The cherry on top of the whole thing is that the charity raised over £3000! Win win all round!

The winning dress….the drunk face #cringe

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23 Sep 2013

Some Thrifty Finds....

Much like most other girls our age, Orla and I are constantly looking at ways to achieve fun and exciting looks on a budget! We both have an obsession with good quality make up, cosmetics and hair products. I think it’s fair to say that we spent the majority of our teens experimenting with different products whilst trying to find the right colour matches for our respective skin tones….although we often went out looking like we’d been tangoed!

As we got older, we developed our own styles and through a combination of practice, trial and error, we found products that worked for us and most importantly, looked natural and pretty on for our everyday looks. 

As soon as we got jobs and began earning a little more money, our eyes started to drift away from the Boots Collection range and over to some of the higher end brands. My brand of choice has been Benefit for a long time, while Orla is definitely more of a MAC girl. I find their products to be well made, reliable and most importantly they work well! I use their skin care routine a few times a week and their moisturiser nightly. It’s quite thick so I opt not to use it underneath foundation.

I’ve recently had to adapt my spending to reflect my outgoings being higher and therefore need to find ways to cut back and make my money go further. Gone are the days where I could spend £30 on a foundation every few weeks and not feel the impact. I still keep my Benefit foundation – but from now on it’s only going to be rocked out for special occasions.

Here are my thrifty finds from today and the comparisons in price. I will let you know how I get on with these in the coming weeks and will post my review on YouTube!

*Nivea Daily Essentials Day Cream - £2.99 (Offer £1 off)
*Nivea Daily Essentials Double Effect Make-Up Remover – £2.59 (Offer £1 off)
*Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder in 003 Peach Glow – £3.99
*No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation in Calico - £9.95 (Offer £3 off)
*Loreal Paris Le Correcteur Perfect Match in 2 Vanilla – £3.49  (Offer Buy One Get One Half Price) 

Here are my thrifty finds from today and the compassions in price. I will let you know how I get on with these in the coming weeks and will review on YouTube! 

Thanks for reading! xx


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