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Once upon a time there were two girls, Orla and Christine.
They were the best of friends and knew that no matter what, they could always count on each other. As they grew up the girls lived their own lives with boyfriends who had come and gone, college, university, they had travelled to pastures new and back again but never drifted apart.
Regardless of their independent lives they always maintained very similar interests. Vintage living and fashion was a huge passion for both girls and many of their favourite looks were developed using a mix of high street and vintage pieces. Both thrived on nabbing bargains where possible and loved being able to make an entire outfit look different to everyone else’s with a simple unique vintage accessory. Whether fashion or home, they loved being able to make nothing into something. No matter how small or strange!
They both loved theatre and the arts. Christine favouring the limelight by being on stage, singing and performing in musical theatre shows. While you would find Orla  on a different type of stage as a hair model. She was gracing the catwalk with a different hairstyle and colour every few weeks  and even sneakily cropping up in hair magazines across the country. After a few years, Orla opted to put her talents to good use backstage in the costume and set design department.
The two girls were always coming up with new and exciting projects and things they wanted to do. From new looks, hair designs, make up,  party planning or baking, there was never a dull moment when they got together. Here you will find some of their projects, reviews, tutorials and plenty of randomness too.
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