2 Apr 2014

I'm Not A Shopaholic...I'm Helping The Economy!

Converse. Accessorize. Oasis.

The three brands I was loving on my last shopping spree!
I was actually out shopping with/for my mother, however I had just been paid...and we all know what that means.

'Your suddenly surrounded by things...you can Actually buy!'

At this time in the shops, you have you spring collections, and your winter sales! Which means that your drawn in by all these wonderful bright and pastel colours. BUT there are many deals to be had if you want to buy some staples and snap up some sneaky autumn winter pieces! Which - lets face it, could be all year round in England!

First off, I would like to Introduce... My new things! (How exciting!)
Lets start with the footwear. Black Converse.
 All Black. Staple. Comfortable. Stylish. Simple and Chic!
Converse's are an item of footwear that every boy and girl under the sun should have the right to own! 
(They should totally do what the /toms/ footwear company do!) 
They can piece together the most complicated of outfits, or the simplest. 
They can be kept nice, clean and crisp. Depending on the style of the owner.
Or. They can be bashed about, kicked in and scruffy, and still look as cool. 
Size 6. £50. JD Sports 

Next, we have the ever so classic. 'Leather' Jacket.
Black. 'Leather'. Soft. Collarless. Timeless!
Yes, this is probably considered more of an autumn winter piece, true. However if you a bit like me, The leather jacket is something I grab almost daily! And therefore I could not resist this deal! 
Leather jackets tend to come in brighter colours around spring time in the year. Changing the colour of your 'classic' leather jacket, from a standard black, to a red, grey/white, yellow etc, can be a great and clever way of re-styling an outfit. 
Of course they are very easy to style, and can give off different vibes (depending on the colour), rocker, vintage, girly, anything you feel! Which is why there such good staples to have in your wardrobe. If your a person who tends to change their style up ALOT, then a leather jacket is something that can go on that style journey with you!
Size M. £35 (was £65). Oasis (Debenhams)

Then, we have the first of my 2 lovely bags. My 'GrownUp' Bag.

Tan. 'Leather'. Multi-Functional. Soft!
I'm always drawn to tanned coloured bags. I think that a lot of the time, the tanned version of a bag is just that bit nicer. I tend to wear a lot of black things (which I'm trying to adjust), so perhaps its because I feel it adds some colour to my outfit! When I saw this bag, I liked it a lot, but I didn't think I would buy it. I didn't go out that day to buy a bag. However when I looked INSIDE. Well. I convinced myself that It would be a good idea for me to purchase it. Here's why...
Its 2 bags in 1!
Crazy I know! But it's true. Its a clever Multi-functional bag. There is the main outer shell of the bag, with 2 handels, as normal.
But inside, is another big pouch of a bag, with a zip, that POP's into the main shell. This pouch has a long across body strap that you can clip on to their shell or pouch. 
THEREFORE. You have one normal standard roomy shell of a bag, (fits my 13" laptop in), and another across body zip up bag! Really good for money and they both look stunning with any outfit! 
£38. Oasis. 

And Finally, The Deal of the Day! My Satchel! 

Tan. 'Leather'. Iconic. Smart!

We all know that the style of the 'Satchel' has popped its head up in recent years. From bright colours to the classic tan/black satchels. I have wanted one since they came on the scene (for the 2nd time) for a long time!
However I will never have enough money to justify it. It's unfortunately just the way I'm programmed. If I don't think I'm getting a good deal, then I'm 'iffy' about it. 
This little gem was hanging in the store with the label "£15 OFF" on it. Obviously my eyes were automatically drawn to it! After doing a bit of math, £17 was the price of this lovely thing! 
Again 'tanned', a win there already.
Again 'bargain', another win.
And a 'satchel', its win win win! 
It's a brilliant size, roomy, you can fit a silly amount in! Its structured, meaning that it won't loose its shape. Which is a problem I've had in the past. (It becomes floppy. And No one likes that :D ) So really I would have been neglectful, and inconsiderate to my bag needs if I didn't purchase this bag. Therefore, you can see my predicament. And I bought it. I feel no guilt! Beautiful bag, and smartens up an outfit instantly!

I hope you like my lovely new things!
And found this helpful in some way!

Keep popping back for more blogs that will be coming up soon!

Orla & Christine!!! 


1 Apr 2014

Center Parcs 2014!

This March Orla, her boyfriend Tommy, and friends went to Center Parcs in Elevden! 

I wanted to share some of the things I got up to whilst on holiday! 
We were there for a week, and were in a Luxury Villa. It had a sauna, hot tub, steam room, and games room, amongst other lovely things!

There are lots of things to be doing in Center Parcs, you can either do as little or as much as you wish.

Heres me, Rowing a Boat!
Hand eye coordination was ok! But I need alot more practice for me to get anywhere fast on the water!

So much fun! When getting in the rowing boat with Tommy, I said to the guy,
"This is where he (tommy) serinades me, and reads me poetry"...
They both looked at me like I was expecting too much! - Ridic! 

I felt like Bridget Jones!

Next I took on the role of 'Merida', from the Disney film, 'BRAVE!'....I took on Archery!

My cheeky friends Beth and Sooz are apparently secret Archery GODS! I was suspicious! 


As usual, I like Wack the ball a bit too hard! But I came joint 2nd with a few others! So I was very happy about that!!

There were alot of other things that we got up to, but I couldnt document them ALL! That would be a very long blog indeed! 
But if your thinking about going! GO! Its awesome place for a big group of friends to chill out in! We had 16, and it was such good fun!!!

PLUS I have to say that Tommys car looked EPIC in its natural environment! Check it out!

Anywho! Thought I'd share a few snippets of my holiday with Tommy and my friends! 

Keep an Eye Out for New Blog Posts!

Orla & Christine!


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